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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Meera - pakistan actress

Pakistani actress Meera announced to quit showbiz. While talking to a showbiz reporter she said that, She would not say anything further about the decision, She denied more explanation about the decision. Because she is working in an Urdu film “Ishaq Khuda” directed by Shehzad Rafiq, and it is included in the contract with director that Meera is not allowed to announce any breaking news until the film releasing date. Ishaq Khuda is a beautiful story and the film’s shooting is being completed quickly.
Earlier, Meera announced her retirement from showbiz many times, but whenever she is offered a role in films, she rejoins the industry, but according to the free sources of Lollywood she will quit it forever. As Meera was in news, she always try to get her name on the front of Newspapers and electronic media. Therefore, this news also maybe an attempt of publicity.
These days, Pakistani film industry (Lollywood) is in its dark age, producers are afraid of investing money in Urdu-Punjabi movies, few years ago, almost 150 films were  released every year; now the situation is much different. Last year in 2011 only 11 movies were released and Meera just worked in a single movie. That’s Why, Meera wants to quit showbiz.